Value and Procurement: Leveraging Technology and Utilizing a Strategic Lens to Manage Costs and Quality

Value and Procurement: Leveraging Technology and Utilizing a Strategic Lens to Manage Costs and Quality

The daily and long-term procurement process can be complex for an association and its leadership. Requirements to purchase goods and services from dozens of categories with each their own set of vendors can be challenging to say the least — a single property can have over 200 unique vendors they purchase and contract with on an annual basis. Taking a strategic perspective along with consolidating a vendor network creates an opportunity to manage costs effectively and foster stronger vendor relationships for an enhanced quality of service.

KWPMC recognizes the importance of providing additional value for our clients. The Value and Procurement team’s efforts will focus on leveraging technology and scale to allow for benchmarking within the vendor landscape and to develop a key partner ecosystem for KWPMC clients.

Industry Benchmarks

Understanding “should-be” or “competitive” market rates is essential when beginning the sourcing process. Leveraging KWPMC’s scope and reach provides a useful benchmark to clients to support their procurement needs. For 2024, we will build upon KWPMC’s existing data infrastructure to create a more robust and dynamic benchmarking toolkit to enable more effective analysis and insights for decision makers.

Key Partner Programs

Leveraging KWPMC’s scale and aggregate dollar spend provides an opportunity to work with key vendors at the national account level. We’ve recently partnered with The Home Depot, HD Supply, Sherwin Williams, and more. These partner programs provide discounted pricing along with additional benefits such as key account representatives, consulting services, complimentary inspections, and enhanced customer support for you. For 2024, we intend to grow our key partnerships across a breadth of categories to better serve our clients. More to come!

For any comments and questions on how we can better support your procurement efforts, please reach out to Amado Nieto at anieto@kwpmc.com | +1-786-945-0646